12th July 2024

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Our Responsibilities

When Bingley Town Council formed back in 2015, the statutory duty to manage the publicly owned allotments in the parish were handed over from Bradford Council. These allotment sites are at Beck Lane and Stanley Street.

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The Town Council is responsible for the management of both sites with appointed councillors acting as allotment representatives.

There are annual inspections at both sites and bi-annual forums where plot holders and the council can come together to discuss any concerns or work that needs doing. All allotment matters are discussed at the monthly Finance & General Purposes Committee meetings.

Allotment Sites

Beck Lane currently holds 56 plots of various sizes, whereas Stanley Street has just 3 plots. As plots are returned over the years, we aim to split them into smaller sizes. This makes them a lot more manageable and helps to reduce the waiting list time.

Although there may be other allotment sites within the Bingley Parish, these are not controlled by Bingley Town Council. They may be privately owned or belong to Bradford Council.

Are you interested in taking on an allotment plot? If so, please take some time to read our current Allotment Policy below to see what is required and what your responsibilities would be.

The policy is updated every year by the staff and allotment councillors before being approved by the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

Allotment Policy and Site Maps

You can view the policy and site plans for our allotments here.

Waiting List

Complete this form to be added to the allotment waiting list.

Please note that the waiting list for Stanley Street is CLOSED so you are applying for Beck Lane only.

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Allotment Waiting List

I understand that when I am close to the top of the waiting I will be contacted by email to arrange an allotment viewing. I also understand that I will be required to provide proof of identity and address. I give my consent to my personal data being stored and processed by Bingley Town Council for the purpose of managing the allotments waiting list.

Waiting List Position

Waiting List Position

As soon as you are top of the waiting list, we will be in touch by email. To query your current position, please email us at the address below.

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